History of the ZPTS association.

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History of the ZPTS association.

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History of the ZPTS association.
The association of Polish art creators called „ZPTS” was registered in 2019.

The „ZPTS” is a continuation of the initiative - Polish nationwide group: Art Creators Club „KTS” established in 2009 and Internet Gallery of Art Creators „IGTS” operating since 2010.

Magdalena Sciezynska - initiator of creating the „KTS”, „IGTS” and „ZPTS” perform the functions of president of the association. She studied interior and industrial design at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. She held many important positions within the club (including president of the affiliate, vice-president & president of the national board), and for over twenty years She has been the president of Lexxit Mebel - a large company producing the upholstery furniture - which products are exported to the European Union and the whole world.

Furthermore, for several decades Magdalena Sciezynska initiates, co-creates, and patronize (several hundred in total) artistic events in Poland and around the world. She is the curator of the exhibitions in Masarnia Gallery in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. For several years She has been running art classes in the surrounding social welfare centers.

Magdalena Sciezynska does not only support the culture and art also the other fields of social life and public benefit organizations. Magdalena Sciezynska has been awarded the following award for her social and cultural activities: „Zasłużona dla Kultury Polskiej” w 2014r., and „Polish Gold Cross of Merit” awarded by the president of Poland in 2015. She is a member of the Greater Poland Capital Club „WKK” in Poznań. For many years she was involved in underwater photography - She has a National Geographic license. Magdalena sculpts, writes poetry and books - She is the author of the novel entitled: "Between heaven and earth".

The first association founded by Magdalena Sciezynska „KTS” was very active in 2009-2015, being a source of online and real meetings of artists from many branches, during many en plain er organized by the members of the association, individual and group exhibitions, and also by the internet forum - rich in all kinds of content, advice, and discussions about the art. In the years 2016-2019 „KTS” slightly reduced its activities - the reason for this was Magdalena Sciezynska’s (and many other members of KTS) participation in another association.

Sometimes all searches lead us to the thoughts that the first ideas are the best (of course enriched with important experiences and new ideas).

This is the second reason why ZPTS is not another one of many associations which concentrate on only one art branch. The main purpose of The Association of Polish Artists – the idea that was coming up to life since the year of 2015 – is supporting the culture and art for current times, engaging modern technologies and working as interdisciplinary project.

We invite artists, photographers, graphic and computer animators, designers, musicians, poets and writers, actors, directors, and screenwriters. We plan to conduct workshops, courses, open-air art workshops, as well as organize numerous exhibitions, concerts, recitals, and other interdisciplinary artistic meetings.

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